Hi, I’m Ms. Tee

Aretha Ms Tee and how I became me. I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood surrounded by rich culture. Black and Hispanics seeming to enjoy life. I recall everything from juleps to break dancers, but what got my attention was fresh cuts guys and gals with fades, slant tops and zig zag partings. I followed in my dads footsteps by becoming the neighborhood barber. It wasn’t long before my friends and their parents were asking for; relaxers, color, braids and you guessed it all things hair. I was in a zone doing what I loved and loving what I did. After high school I joined the army reserves which resulted in an honorable medical discharge. No big deal. I quickly went to cosmetology school and the rest is history. After many years of salon ownerships, mentoring, and visions I was commissioned by God to walk in authority in all of my gifts; I am an active woman of God, a great and supportive wife, a loving and nurturing mother and grandmother, I'm a chef, I care for others and the community; I’m a SHERO.

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